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The “Monopoly” of the Future January 30, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

Monopoly is bringing out a special 2006 Edition, in which some of the place names will be changed to reflect the current most and least desirable London addresses.
It was suggested on Annie Mole’s blog that they ought to include some new Chance cards, relevant to the way of the world as we now know it. I put forward my ideas.

“Due to strike action, all Stations are closed until further notice.”
“Please wait at the next Station while we waste your time.”
“Wildcat strike! Miss a turn.”
“Caught asleep at the controls of a speeding train. Receive a slap on the wrists and demand that all Stations close.”
“Ticket machine eats your debit card. Make no monetary transactions for three days while the bank tries to sort it out.”
“Pickpocketed! Hand over all your cash.” x20
“You forget to touch out. Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not even think about getting home this side of next week.”
“Incomplete Pre-Pay journey detected! Pay all your cash to the owner of King’s Cross Station.”

New rules:
– The rent for Stations would double with every successive pass around the board (“due only to inflation – honest”). Electric Company and Water Works to be replaced with Broadband Provider PLC and Leftover Tarmac Driveways Ltd.
– Players receive a shot of Espresso each time they pass Go. 200 is not given out – it is merely accumulated on a credit card.
– Free Parking charge of 100/turn is paid to the Council (formerly the Bank).
– Jail is now a Young Offenders Institute; “Go To Jail” space replaced by “Slap On The Wrists”: players landing there continue as normal.
– ASBOs are available randomly in the Chance deck and have no effect.
– Community Chest replaced with Community Service.

The possibilities are endless…



1. Annie - London Underground Blog - February 1, 2006

Interesting – when are you going to go public with the blog then?

2. boltzmann - February 1, 2006

Errrm.. I don’t know! I included it as a link on the House of Steel navigation bar and I’m using it as my homepage when I comment in other blogs.

How else can I publicise it?

3. Annie - London Underground Blog - February 2, 2006

Get it on Technorati http://www.technorati.com

Submit it to search engines

(you need to be patient with the above though it can take *weeks* to get listed)

Submit it to blog directories like blogwise http://www.blogwise.com/

Have you told the Tube Challenge Forum about it yet?

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