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Zone One Master Blaster Disaster: could have been faster January 31, 2006

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Two Tuesdays ago, three gentlemen went on a Zone 1 Challenge. Their mission: To visit all Zone 1 Tube stations by train in less than 2 hours, 45 minutes.

Armed with lab coats and ED? shirts, they set off for Vauxhall. All went well over the first stage of the challenge, with some reasonable changes. There were no major waits and no delayed lines. It looked as though they would be on course for a reasonable time.

Arriving at Aldgate, Black-Shirt Ed? and the Underground Masker ran down the stairs onto a waiting train. Orange Shirt Ed? was not far behind, but was overexerting himself trying to catch them up. He reached the bottom of the stairs and fell over.

“What have you done?!”
“Twisted my ankle!!”
“You ARSE!!!”

Black-Shirt Ed? and Masker then saw another train pull in on another platform. They had to catch it! They ran over the platform bridge and onto the train, just as three policemen left the train and made their way towards Orange-Shirt Ed? who had collapsed on the bridge. The new train pulled away. The team was a man down.

Masker and Black-Shirt negotiated the section between Earls Court and High Street Ken without any trouble: a miracle for this part of the network. They were on course, yet, as they arrived at Goodge Street station having been running there overground for the past six minutes, the gates were half-closed and a LU employee stood guard at the door. The Northern line was suspended.

They went home. Next time, Ric Brackenbury. Next time.



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