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FFFSSS: A Snack Odyssey January 31, 2006

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The FFFSSS (pronounced Triple-F-Triple-S) is fast becoming a staple of my student diet. It is a king among snacks.

FFFSSS stands for Five Fish Finger Sandwich with Spinach and Salad-cream. “Five” can easily be replaced with “Four”, or any other number beginning with F, such as Forty-seven. “Spinach” can be replaced with “Salad” if required, but not “Rocket” or “Cous-Cous”. Some words, such as “Fish Finger” and “Sandwich” are “core” words in the acronym and may not be replaced.

Method of construction:
1. Set grill to medium-high. Place five fish fingers underneath.
2. When the fish fingers start to sizzle, turn them over.
3. Place two slices of bread in toaster and activate toaster. Aim for a “medium” level of toastedness.
4. Turn fish fingers again if required.
5. Remove toast from toaster and liberally spread salad cream onto both pieces of toast.
6. Apply a layer of spinach to one slice of toast.
7. Remove fish fingers from grill. Arrange the five fish fingers on the spinached toast such that they all fit. Four abreast and one transverse, like this: IIII seems to work well.
8. Construct into a sandwich. Cut in half.
9. Experience the transcendental fishiness.



1. Annie - London Underground Blog - February 1, 2006

You actually make fish finger sandwiches sound nice, which is no mean feat!

2. boltzmann - February 1, 2006

They ARE nice! I can’t think of a better way to eat fish fingers.

Of course, this only applies to the standard kind of fish fingers: cod or haddock fillet ones. You could use the cheap ones made of processed “white fish” and crill, but they aren’t as nice…

…in fact I think I will make a FFFSSS now.

Welcome to the Tomb, by the way!

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