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Practical Jokes February 2, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

Last night I played a small practical joke on my housemates. One of them has bought a new tube of Colgate Sensation Deep Clean toothpaste (read a negative review of it here) and I knew just what to do (after all, I do love this toothpaste, even if I disagree with Colgate including too many dubious chemicals and “whitening agents”).

With a craft knife (overkill?) I opened the box, took the tube of toothpaste out and replaced it with a similarly-sized, half-empty tube of Colgate Total Fresh Stripe. I then re-glued the box with UHU. It remains unopened …

Another practical joke for you to try is this: When someone buys a Kit-Kat Chunky and leaves it lying around (I know, it doesn’t happen every day), just slit the wrapper along its length under the seam using a scalpel. Remove the bar of chocolate itself. It should be relatively easy to then make the empty wrapper look perfectly KKC-shaped. If you have a spare finger of normal-sized KitKat, place it inside the wrapper for added comedy effect. If you’re a nice person, hide the bar. If you’re a nasty person, eat it.

I know these are very tame jokes to play on people, but I’d call myself a “nice person” as far asn this is concerned. I haven’t had any of the toothpaste yet!



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