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SUMMONSED!!!! February 7, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

Today, a summons arrived through the letterbox addressed to a fictitious member of the house.

The summons was, however, very real.

Basically, we forgot to change the address on the old TV licence from last year, and when we moved in, that old licence was still valid for a number of months.
During these months, we were visited by an “Enforcement Bureaucracy Officer” or whatever they are called, who was wondering why the current address was unlicensed. Upon production of the documentary proof that they had, indeed, taken my money and I didn’t owe them any more, I was under the distinct impression that the officer would change the address on the licence to the new one.

He didn’t. This shifts the blame firmly upon TV Licensing’s big, ugly, hunched shoulders.

TV Licensing even had the cheek to since debit a further licence’s worth of money from my account! We thought they’d changed the address, so imagine the surprise on Mr. Fictitious’s face when he opened the summons.

Cue many annoyed phone calls and a big, stinking waste of a lot of our, as well as the court’s and TV Licensing’s, time.



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