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Twelve String Theory February 9, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

The penultimate song on the Underground Masker’s Bakerloo E.P. is complete. It’s an acoustic version of the classic original Masker track, “Stand on the Right, Please”, featuring the vocal talents of the House of Steel Gentlemen’s Choir and Michelle’s marvellous train announcement. The whole song will not, unfortunately, be released freely on the Internet.

Fear not, though! A preview clip is available from the Underground Masker’s home-page. The clip itself can be directly downloaded HERE.

You can also download preview-quality full versions of the other Masker songs from the Masker homepage, as always.

Meanwhile, back in SPAD Records’ headquarters, progress has been made on the final song on the Bakerloo E.P., entitled “To The Trains (to the trains!)”. This one will take more work than all the previous Masker tracks, and when it’s done it will be the best song of the lot.
Also, the sleeve design, CD label image and some of the inlay booklet text (which should include all lyrics and some other stuff as well) has been produced.

Expect a release of the EP this side of April.



1. *version-3-point-1 - February 9, 2006

I want a signed copy, biatch. 😀

2. boltzmann - February 9, 2006

Signed and gold-star numbered! Yours will be number 4.

The EP will probably cost you all something like £4, which is more than SOTRP did because I should be able to use colour ink instead of B&W on the insert booklet covers this time, and print cartridges are not cheap!

Also, there will be an actual booklet and I’ll have to use staples and everything! It will all come together to be a very nice package indeed.

Price may vary once I’ve calculated the costs of everything and the number of copies that need to be made.

I can’t wait to finish the next song. It’s going to be an absolute blaster!

3. Adham - February 13, 2006

I need one too, though I would request taking a look at my unblemished booklet before you sign it, as very often, artists tend to obliterate useful trivia with their own names. Unless you make a space in the booklet specifically for autographs.

£4 for seven songs? When the average price of a 15 track GRR album is £3? Shame on you.

Then again, your music has comedy value.

Is the Zone 1 Challenge 2006 going to be the official launch party as it was last year, or as this is a much bigger release, will you be planning a separate corporate event?

4. Neil - February 13, 2006

Who’s organising the Zone 1 challenge this year then?

5. Adham - February 13, 2006

I will happily lend my assistance if required.

I think we should organise a Tube Challenge club night afterwards.

6. Boltzmann - February 13, 2006

I won’t organise it but I will help. It will probably be smack bang in the middle of 6 final exams for me, so it would be unwise for me to organise it.

Are you sure you don’t want to do it again, Neil?

Adham – your CD doesn’t even come with a jewel case! I’ll have to actually buy print cartridges for this as well. Also bear in mind that the booklet will have a number of pages. Finally, consider that I may reduce the price!

7. Peter - February 13, 2006

Hello. I’ve found this blog.

8. Boltzmann - February 13, 2006

Well Done!

9. Neil - February 14, 2006

Commiserations, surely?

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