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Q: Can I get an extensive list of annoying grammatical errors, please? February 16, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

A: I don’t know. Can you? If you can: well done! If you can’t, I’m very sorry but you shall have to try harder next time.

Pardon? Would you like me to give you a list of errors? In that case, you should have asked, “please may I have a list of grammatical errors?” and I would have been happy to oblige. Here I am, anyway, bestowing such a list upon you.

1. People who ask for something by saying “can I get … ?” when they mean “please may I have … “. This one has even begun to encroach into my everyday language.
2. When A asks B, “have you got (an arbitrary object)?” and B replies “I do”. What? You do got the object? That makes no sense! To be fair, A should have asked, “do you have … “, to which the answer would have been “I do (have)”.
3. The possessive apostrophe included in “it’s”, as in “the badger cleaned it’s fur”, which shouldn’t be there. Sort it out!



1. Chelle - February 16, 2006

I’ll add another… what about when people say ” I ain’t done nuffin”? Stupid double negative! The sad thing is these mistakes are becoming so common that they are becoming accepted. Madness!

2. Neil - February 16, 2006

Have you only just started moaning about this?

I’ve been annoyed by this sort of thing for years …

3. Boltzmann - February 16, 2006

I, too, have been moaning about it in “real-space” (as opposed to “blog-space”) for ages. I thought it worth mentioning though. The “can I get ” and “I do [got]” ones seem relatively new to me, however. I can’t imagine that they are more than two years old in the UK.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have come from the USA, and are a few more years old there!!

Another one is “oh my days”. Christ!

4. Chelle - February 16, 2006

“My bad”

5. Neil - February 17, 2006

“Can I get” is more than two years old my friend.

Someone I knew in 1995 used to say it all the time and that’s 11 years ago.

6. Boltzmann - February 17, 2006

Well, I feel somehow relieved not to have encountered it until relatively recently. It also seems that “oh my days” is confined to schools and (probably) council estates!!

“My bad” is a very annoying one indeed.

7. Neil - February 17, 2006

I kind of like “get out of the way already!” and “Come on already!”

But only if said with a mock Yank accent.

8. Anthony (Underground Masker) - February 17, 2006

“Right now” is the worst one, when said instead of “at the moment”, “just now” or equivalent.

“I am, like, *SO* annoyed with that right now!!”

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