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All Lines Challenge: Underground Masker’s first attempt February 21, 2006

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Today the Underground Masker attempted to beat the current All Lines Challenge record (set by Geoff ‘n’ Neil) of 0:56:51. The Masker’s route began at Barbican and ended, twelve lines later, at Oxford Circus.

He began reasonably badly, with trains waiting in tunnels and at platforms. There was a long, long wait for the Waterloo and City line and a Piccadilly line train escaped from under his masked nose. However, the pace soon picked up with a blistering change onto the East London Line (a long-wait line) and one or two other quick changes. Completing the last few lines, he was lucky to have done Bank and the W&C before they were both closed due to a security alert, and it looked as though he was on course for a sub-hour time.

Sadly, it wasn’t the case and he missed the golden sub-hour time by seconds, ultimately clocking in at 1:00:29.



1. Neil - February 23, 2006

Tube Challenge logo designed by Geoff Marshall with additions by Neil Blake. Copyright Geoff Marshall and Neil Blake 2005.

2. Underground Masker - February 23, 2006

Errrm… yes. That’s right. I *didn’t* create that image. Glad we cleared that up…

3. Neil - February 24, 2006

I just get annoyed when I see people using the image as if it’s a corporate logo or something 🙂

I’ll let you off because you have a mask.

4. Communicate Insurance - January 11, 2007

Very interesting site… I wish I could build one like yours!nancy

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