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Emergency! Paging Dr. Beat! Emergency!! March 12, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

The legendary Geoff of Geofftech.co.uk has been threatened with legal action by those miserable jobsworths at Transport for London (TfL).


They want him to remove the silly Alternative Tube Maps and official roundels from his site “by Monday 13th”. Download them yourself here before they are taken down.

Geoff has given them nothing but good publicity.
He is not using the alternative maps or the Tube roundels for profit – just for fun. In fact, nobody is using them for profit.
They’ve known about him and his exploits on the Tube for ages. Why suddenly start harrassing him now?
In fact, TfL gave Geoff permission to use the Roundel logo for the Tube Relief London Bombing Charity Tube Challenge.
Not a single person I know of supports TfL’s actions or reasoning.
Why don’t TfL go after the tourist shops selling counterfeit stuff instead?

Isn’t it comforting to know that your expensive Tube fares are going towards funding this kind of corporate jobsworth crap?

I urge you to make your stand. Check out the full story from Geoff himself.



1. Adham - March 21, 2006

We need to drop them under CORPORATE DESTRUCTION PRESSURE!!

2. boltzmann - March 21, 2006

Indeed! I hereby call for a boycott on all things Tube.

No… wait… I actually quite like the Tube. Also this would mean having to use buses all the time. I hate buses. Forget this idea!

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