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Zone One Challenge Day 2006: have fun … March 22, 2006

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So, as the world conspires against me, I have been given a quaduple-whammy of final exams in a single week in late May, followed the next week by two more such exams. This is bad enough.

What’s worse is that it would have been really nice to have a day off on May 19th for the Zone One Tube Challenge Day. When you hope for these sorts of things, though, they usually don’t happen. I did hope, and this didn’t happen.

I recommend the Zone One Challenge to everyone. Last year’s was an absolute hoot. You will have a fantastic time. You may even see me in the pub afterwards, where you will be able to get your hands on your very own copy of the Bakerloo EP. More details and discussion here.

As you pass Pimlico and Victoria, do spare a thought for me and my curved spacetimes as I wrestle with Christoffel symbols in my Relativity examination.

There was an excellent page on Geoff’s site detailing the events of the first (2004) and second (2005) Zone One Days, which has been taken down thanks to the pathetic actions of Transport for London. I won’t frown at you if you spit at the entrance to 55 Broadway, although the police outside New Scotland Yard opposite might have something to say about it.



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