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Eve of the War March 27, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

I hope to have To The Trains finished tomorrow.

That means the Bakerloo EP can go into final production, involving finalising the levels in a couple of the other songs, and creating the inlay booklet.

Here is a visual overview of the song itself (click image to open big version):

There are still vocals to add in the choruses, and maybe even some more guitar.



1. Neil - March 28, 2006

More harpsichord!

2. boltzmann - March 28, 2006

the harpsichord and drums are MIDI, which sounds a bit crummy, so i can’t overdo the harpsichord really. You know I would if I could…

3. Adham - March 31, 2006

Wow, this looks like the most complicated song you have done yet.

4. *version-3-point-1 - April 3, 2006

Nostalgia. It all reminds me of when I was doing GCSE music…

5. boltzmann - April 4, 2006

Did you use Cool Edit Pro? I haven’t met anyone else who uses it so far. They all use something or other else…

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