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It’s a beautiful day… April 5, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

… So I went out. Twice.

First I cycled up to Staples on my restored 1946 Hercules bicycle. Elderly gentlemen seem to love it! I bought some Jiffy bags for the Bakerloo EP mail order service. I cycled back.

Then, after lunch (2 large boiled eggs, boiled for 4 minutes, with soldiers of tiger-chest toast: it doesn’t get any better than this! Glorious!), I cycled, on a slightly more rugged bicycle, to the Dunstable Downs to fly my kite.

(This picture wasn’t taken today, though)

The kite is a 3m PKD Buster on Ozone lines and Flexifoil handles with kite-killers. I’ve had it for a couple of years and it’s a truly splendid thing indeed. In winds stronger than 14 or 15 mph it becomes difficult to handle and pulls me all over the place. Maximum.

However, today, the weather was not so wild. A blue sky (beautiful) and some high cumulus here and there; a northerly 10mph wind with a bit of a chill, but the sun was bright and it was warm.

(This photo was taken by Dan at Blackheath a couple of months ago, when it wasn’t so sunny or warm!)

Kites were out in force on the Downs and I found that construction of the new cafe/shop/visitor-centre area is well underway beyond the existing site and “glider emergency landing area” (which you’d only ever use if you’d got yourself into a severe mess in your glider, as there’s a nice big airfield at the bottom of the hill to land on as well). I set the kite up there. I managed a couple of small hops. A policeman turned up in his unmarked car and gave a lady a ticking-off because she’d left one of her children in the car while she went to the shop. I packed up and cycled home via the path along the top of the Downs.

It’s been a long, long time.



1. Fimb - April 10, 2006

Oh my god, Dunstable Downs!!! Memories.

Not sure how to contact you other than following your homepage link from Annies blog.. but saw this and thought you might be interested:

Thursday 13th April
John Hegley*

John Hegley – the legendary poet and comedian launches his new book Uncut Confetti with a very special performance to please children and adults alike.

Tickets: Free, but must be reserved through festival@foyles.co.uk as space is limited.

The Gallery at Foyles

2. boltzmann - April 10, 2006

Yes!! I love John Hegley!

Noooo! He’s in LONDON! 😦

I’m in Dunstable until the 24th, excepting WOTW on the 18th when I’ll be in London briefly. Bummer!

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