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Mousewatch: First Blood! May 5, 2006

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I have decided to start each Day in the morning, as most of the mousy activity occurs overnight.

The gaping maw of the live trap outside Dan’s room remains… agape, and likewise for the one in the kitchen. The kitchen snap trap has been partially debaited and I think one of the TV traps has as well. I’ll give the mice a point for that, because I’m generous.

The other TV snap trap has sprung, killing a mouse! I haven’t examined it properly yet but it looks very small, almost vole-sized. I won’t take pictures of these as I’m sure you don’t want to see that, but you can look at the HoS site here for all your dead mouse needs…!

Maybe it’s too easy for the mice to accumulate points. Perhaps I should only give them half a point for each de-baited trap!

The Tournament :: House of Steel 1 – 1 Mouse of Steel :: Days: 1 Rules after “More”

1. The Tournament takes place in the Arena. The Arena boundaries shall consist of the outer walls of the House of Steel. The garden is exempt from the Tournament.
2. The home team (House of Steel) shall place an assortment of anti-rodent traps around the Arena and prime them for the unsuspecting away team (Mouse of Steel).
3. Points will be awarded as follows:
– Mouse of Steel earns one point for each night that passes without a death or live capture.
– Mouse of Steel earns one point for eating the bait from each trap without setting it off.
– House of Steel earns one point for killing, incapacitating or imprisoning each Mouse of Steel.
4. If a trap is sprung without hurting, killing or trapping a Mouse of Steel, and said mouse manages to escape, then a “Let” is declared and play recommences after the trap is reset.
5. The Tournament shall end when:
– The Referee (Anthony) moves out of the House of Steel forever.



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