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Tournament: Update May 5, 2006

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The great macabre Tournament of death is progressing nicely. I raised the game today by buying another “battery” of 4 traps to add to the arsenal, and also set the remaining 2 from the cupboard. While purchasing the traps, I noticed a new live-capture trap phenomenon: the Multi-Mouse, which claims to be able to catch and retain up to 4 live mice. It looks excellent and I’m considering buying one next time we run out of traps. Until then, the excellent and trusty Big Cheese snap traps from Leyland on Shaftesbury Avenue will do their duty.

England expects every mouse trap to do its duty – and I arrived to find that one of the traps had done just that, decapitating a Fighting Machine (killing a mouse). I went upstairs to get the rest of the traps from my bag, and while I was up there I heard a snap and clatter – another mouse?!

Yes, indeed, another mouse had been killed within minutes of me finding the last one. These mice have gotten away with it for long enough in the House of Steel, and it’s payback time.

Total traps set: 13
Mice despatched: 3
Traps remaining: 10

Neither live-capture trap has yielded a mouse yet.

The Tournament ::
House of Steel 3 – 2 Mouse of Steel :: Days: 1



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