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A triple-whammy of coincidences! May 6, 2006

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The other day I decided to get myself an email address. A “serious” one – as the one I currently have is becoming embarrassing: it makes me sound like some sort of suicidal teenager. Anyway, I chose to go for a Gmail address, of course, using my current London Assassins gmail account to send myself an invitation (I’ve got some more, incidentally, if anyone wants one).

The natural choice of user name was anthonysmith, but, sadly (and unsurprisingly), this was already taken. All variations of my initials and surname also seemed to be taken. Damn my common nomenclature! “What the hell,” thought I, “I’ll ask this namesake if I can have his email address.” So I did. I emailed him and asked him to HAVE his Gmail account.

Sadly, he replied in half an hour, explaining that he was an alpha tester for Gmail and that he loves his account very much and uses it all the time. “Ah well, no problem,” I said, “but you know who to forward messages to if you receive any confusing ones about “tube challenges” and such like.”

Weird Coincidence 1.

“Tube challenge?” he replied, “I know about that! I did one of those when I was last in London!”

Brilliant! Another Tube Challenging Anthony Smith! I could go on a Dave-Gorman-like quest to find some more of these people if I felt so inclined. I pointed the other Anthony to the Underground Masker homepage and that was that.

Eventually I settled for a similar (yet not quite as good) Gmail address, which should serve me well for the next few years. Unfortunately, the atrociousness of MSN Messenger means that I’ll still have to use my other email address for some things, and the vast number of pointless online things I’m signed up to means that the transfer period will take a couple of months at least.

Also, I came across a comment on Neil’s blog from someone called Michelle, whose name I moused over to find that her homepage link was called “Chelley’s Teapot“. “Hmm!” I thought, “That sounds just like the sort of site that ‘my’ Chelle would have!” and promptly investigated.

Weird Coincidence 2.

It turns out that this Chelley (not Chelle but close enough) has a pair of purple Doc Marten boots, which she has blogged about. Exactly the sort of thing that Chelle blogs about – in fact Chelle has two pairs of DMs too but, sadly, not purple ones. They’re red and green.

Weird Coincidence 3.

Yesterday I had stepped out of university at lunchtime to go and buy some more mousetraps for the Tournament – and who should I bump into but Sam and Steve! These two Tube Challengers had just left the same building (after all, one of them is a student there like me, so it’s not a super-coincidence) and were on their way, of course, ‘To The Trains!’.

Then, later on, my tube challenge partner Adham phoned me and conducted an impromptu interview on the Sheffield University radio station. He then played the acoustic version of Stand on the Right, Please (Twelve String Theory) which was rather good. Hurrah!



1. Annie - London Underground Blog - May 7, 2006

Wow, that’s a load of coincidences – particularly the first two.

2. Adham - May 8, 2006

Worst. Interview. Ever.

So you know, I’m planning on playing another song on Friday. I’ll either be starting the show off with Master Masker or specially showcasing To The Trains. Probably the latter. I won’t be phoning you this time, though, or at least not as long as Oli is in the studio. The man is lethal.

3. boltzmann - May 8, 2006

Aha, legendary! What time is your show?

4. Adham - May 10, 2006

Yes, it will be To The Trains. The show runs from 4-6. I will aim to play it between 5.30 and 6. Then afterwards I’ll phone you at the pub – a nice link, as the song is about Zone 1, and then we can have a chat about what will have happened and you can pass the phone around. I won’t have too much time at that point, however, so it will have to be snappy.

5. Adham - May 10, 2006

“Then afterwards I’ll phone you at the pub – a nice link, as the song is about Zone 1, and then we can have a chat about what will have happened and you can pass the phone around. I won’t have too much time at that point, however, so it will have to be snappy.”

Ignore that, I was getting ahead of myself there and thinking of the 19th. I will ONLY be playing To The Trains on Friday, I won’t ring you.

6. Adham - May 15, 2006

I just realised – by playing SOTRP on the radio, the House Of Steel members and Chelle have been premiered on the waves also. I hope they don’t demand royalties…

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