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What seems strange to me now… May 10, 2006

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…was that everyone spent that evening as though it were just like any other. Me, on the other hand: I had a dream.

No, not “I have a dream”, but “I had a (really rather strange) dream”. It was strange as dreams go. There was me, Chelle and a group of friends (you know, the arbitrary people in your dreams who you don’t actually know, but they’re your friends in the dream).

We were doing a Tube Challenge and were walking/running to what was supposed to be Kensington (Olympia) station, but as you’ll see from the following diagram, it wasn’t quite true to life.

We came from the building at the bottom and crossed the tracks (I can’t remember if we used the bridge or not) to the platform at A. We waited and waited for a train. Eventually a load of the others decided to make their own way to the next station (thus defeating the point of the Tube Challenge, arriving and departing from a station on foot). I followed them and we came upon a Ford Escort van at B.

The van had two people on bicycles in place of the standard cab, and everyone piled in via the tailgate. I had to run to catch up with it and jump in because it was already making its escape by the time I reached it. Then, of course, just then, a Tube train came into the platform at A and I had to grab Chelle and run for the train, which we caught just in time.

Then the train left, but it transmogrified without me noticing (as these things do in dreams of mine) into a ride-on miniature railway in order to negotiate a sharply curved piece of track at C, before continuing back down the track toward Earls Court or wherever it was supposed to be going in my twisted mind.

Ahhh. Dreams. Love them.



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