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Manna from Heaven! May 13, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

Walking back to the library having had a burger for tea, I was surprised by a bizarre event. I was happily walking along and minding my own business, when something fell to the ground just in front of my face, skimming my forehead on the way.

As it landed I stopped abruptly for a moment, then briefly continued walking, wondering what the hell was going on. It only registered what this thing was when I was a few paces on: a porn magazine! Not your average lads’ mag, either. A young woman, leaning against the building from whence it fell, remarked, “I thought you’d dropped that for a second!”

A fair assumption. After all, I’m always reading magazines while I’m walking, usually pornographic ones, and randomly dropping them such that they fall from the sky and narrowly miss the top of my head. OF COURSE I DIDN’T BLOODY WELL DROP IT! Christ! Some people!

I looked up at the building, expecting to see someone’s ugly mug grinning idiotically down at me, but there was no such face. Instead, I shouted up to the building, “You missed!”, and continued my daily business. As I walked away in disbelief, I heard someone behind me saying, “Hmm! Porn!” …

This reminds me of an incident that happened when I was living back up at the first House of Steel.

I was walking behind two women when there was a crash – someone had thrown a table out of a window, aiming for it to land in a skip on the road, but instead it had fallen short onto the pavement, less than a metre in front of these women’s faces. If that had been me I would have gone absolutely ballistic. Instead I had to put up with simply being disgusted at these workmen’s absolute idiocy.



1. geofftech - May 14, 2006

“Not your average lads mag either” – oooh, go on – do tell. Was it (shall we say), not something which you’d usually be able to buy in this country .. perhaps imported from one of our Europen neighbors? (sic)

2. boltzmann - May 14, 2006

Neighbours, Jeff? I only glanced at it while making my escape, but of what I saw it looked cheap and smutty. I would expect that a trucker would have enjoyed it. And by that, i don’t mean it was gay porn. Oh, I am digging myself into a hole!!

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