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Dream number 2 May 14, 2006

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Last night’s dream was also rather strange. Here’s what I can remember of it.

I went to a play performed by… I can’t remember exactly, but one of them was my plasma/particle physics lecturer, Prof. Michette. The play involved a handgun on at least one occasion. Chelle was, of course, in the dream as well.

Then, later on, I was down in a Tube station (probably Holborn) with Chelle, and I tried to buy something from a chocolate machine. It was a bag of small, colourful sweets, if I remember correctly All the options were 60p, a rip-off consistent with real life, however the 10p coin in my dream looked more like a 50p, which is not much like real life. Sadly, there were no more such sweets left in the machine, so it spat out my change, which was in the form of relatively large, rectangular, matte purple “coins” with various things embossed on them.

One such depiction was that of Monica Richards from Faith and the Muse, who then (it being a dream) turned up at the chocolate machine, and I asked her to sign the coin with a gold pen in my bag. That’s just about all I can remember this time!



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