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I suppose I ought not blog this… May 14, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

…because I ought to be doing quantum, which I will do as soon as I’ve printed the past papers, but anyway, I had to say this.

A series of thefts have taken place in the library on Chancery Lane. I think they take place every day. About a week ago, my housemate had his iPod Mini stolen, and just the other day I was sitting at a desk opposite my friend Viv, when the person who was sat next to her had her phone stolen from her desk – and neither of us noticed! The phone in this case could have been in the girl’s bag all along, but Viv didn’t steal it and I certainly didn’t.

Still, I suppose it serves all these people right. It is a foolish and naiive person indeed who leaves their valuables on a desk in a library while they go about their business. Perhaps they are strange dreamers, living in a beautiful world of flowers and kittens where everyone is nice and nobody’s a criminal and no-one ever gets hurt.

These are the sort of people who cross the road without looking and get hit by cars, or think they can waltz across at their own self-centred pace and everyone will slow down for them. They bloody well deserve it when they end up in hospital.

I always look when I’m crossing the road, and, touch wood, I’ve survived so far without breaking a single bone. Furthermore, I always take my MP3 player, my phone, wallet, Oyster card, student card, watch, fountain pen and even pencil case (!) with me when I leave my desk for more than 5 seconds (for example, I would only leave the stuff on the desk if I was putting something in a bin 3 desks away). The only stuff I leave there are books belonging to the library and my notes. I don’t think there are many physicists here desperate enough to steal someone else’s notes.

It’s not difficult to stuff your things into your bag and take that with you when you go for a leak. The length of time you leave your things lying around for is utterly irrelevant, as someone can walk into a room, snatch your phone and MP3 player and walk out in under ten seconds.

I have also become concerned about the apathy and sheer arrogance exhibited by my housemates regarding locking – and even CLOSING – windows and outside doors when they leave the house.

I can’t wait to live in a house with sensible people who care about their possessions, their surroundings and their fellow men and women.



1. Ben - May 14, 2006

Comments like that won’t endear you to your current housemates!

2. boltzmann - May 14, 2006

Sod them – they know I’m fed up of their behaviour and I’m buggering off in a few weeks anyway!

Not that any of them read this blog, or even look at the House of Steel site once in a while!

3. Adham - May 15, 2006

I do think that taking stationary items with you might be considered a tiny bit extreme. When was the last time you heard of a thief holding up a WHSmith branch for a light green pastel gel pen?

4. boltzmann - May 15, 2006

It’s not a case of armed robbery, Adham, it’s a case of just pinching the stuff and walking off immediately, just like the thousands of shoplifting offences that occur every day!

5. Sam - May 15, 2006

Hi, I found your blog on links from geofftech

I live with inconsiderate flatmates too, but maybe its because im just picky about the people i get on with. They too believe that leaving the front door open is perfectly acceptable behaviour and dont get me started on the stealing that occurs within the flat. I am still waiting to find out who stole those precious bottles of vodka and wine from my cupboard. According to everybody else its my fault for keeping them in the kitchen. Whats wrong with living in an honest society where people dont go through your stuff?


6. Nigel - May 15, 2006

I know a friend who once went out shopping with this girl, and when they parked the car and my friend told the girl to lock the doors (it was before power locks, waaaaaaaaay back when…), the girl asked “WHY?!” and gave her a strange look.

These people…they’re the most ignorant and sometimes downright arrogant, but they’re the LOUDEST to complain when they suffer the consequences. Typical Western behaviour (ie. driving around gigantic SUVs and living in houses that suck up tons of energy, then complaining about global warming and what not.).

7. boltzmann - May 15, 2006

Yeah. I think they all need a good kick up the arse.

Sam – it’s symptomatic of our culture and generation that people steal things without second thoughts. It’s fine if people want to leave their stuff lying around because it’s theirs and therefore nobody else will take it, but sooner or later, they will!

Nigel – it also baffles me why people with detachable stereo frontispieces (fascias?) leave them in their cars!!

8. boltzmann - May 16, 2006

Update. He did it again today. I’m taking it upon myself personally to lock his door when I go out if he isn’t in.

The Army should beat some sense and discipline into him.

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