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Custom poi made to order June 25, 2006

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In London a month or two ago, I encountered a gentleman named Luke, who had organised a hide-and-seek game in the Maughan library. He had been spinning poi for some time, and would spin them with a group of friends in the library garden on nice days, as a break from revision. I had a go at this sometimes-relaxing, sometimes-energetic pursuit and was, of course, hooked.

The poi he used were made of ripstop nylon and had been bought from the juggling shop, Oddballs, in Camden. I’m vaguely familiar with the shop, so I went there with visions of spinning poi on a sunny riverbank and the intention of buying a set of poi for myself and for Chelle, who I thought would also enjoy spinning them.

When I got there, though, I was disgusted to find that they cost £22 a set. Maximum disappointment.

I’m not the sort of person who parts with £44 just like that, so I went home empty-handed and pretty damn disappointed as well, and had to tell Chelle about the surprise present that I’d ended up not buying her.

I told Luke I’d make my poi instead.
He asked me to make some for him too. I said I would and they’d be cheaper than the equivalents from the Camden shop.
POISON Poi in Sunshine Yellow /  Hot Pink
Now, having made absolutely loads of them and become proficient, may I say so myself, Chelle and I have set up POISON Poi. We’ll make you a set of custom-made poi for just £14.95 a set – a saving of more than £7 per set, compared to Oddballs. We’ll also add additional swivels and customise the stitching on the tails if you like.
Poison Poi label
Head on over to www.poisonpoi.co.uk to read more about our marvellous poi.



1. geofftech - September 14, 2006

Are you still alive Anthony?

2. geofftech - November 30, 2006

Well, it’s been 5 months. I can only assume that you’re no longer on this planet. Or you’ve become a hermit. Or perhaps joined the Amish.

hey ho …

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