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On Jeans December 18, 2006

Posted by boltzmann in Uncategorized.

Today, while Christmas shopping, I thought I ought to find myself some jeans.

“Easy!”, you cry. No! Not for me. I need bootcut jeans, preferably dark, of 30″ waist and long (32-33″) leg.

32 is just too large a waist for me, and 30 too short a leg.

The alternative, which is what I am sometimes forced to do, is to buy the 32 waist “Long” leg and wear a belt, but the jeans just don’t look as good! They look ill-fitting in the upper region, where I like my jeans to be fairly snugly fitting, in order that my bottom doesn’t look swamped by them, and they then don’t make me look short.

The reason that I need bootcut ones is that with normal fit jeans, trainers look really stupid.

Another problem is that, in a few shops, the jeans have a hipster-style waist!! I’m not the sort of fellow who has his boxers sticking out above his jeans (or, at least, not obviously!), and I also find this style quite uncomfortable to wear! For the love of God, the hipster style is designed to hang nicely from the shapely hips of women, not the straight-sided male physique! It almost doesn’t work, save for the presence of the arse, which just about holds it up.

Fashion just DOESN’T GET IT, does it?

Why can I find hundreds of pairs of dark bootcuts, but none of them fit?!

Is the problem that most men are tall and skinny, and buy all the 30L jeans
before I have a chance to?
Or do jeans manufacturers overestimate the largeness of the members of the young-adult market that they are supposed to cater for?

Back me up. What’s YOUR jeans size?



1. geofftech - December 19, 2006

What’s this? a post! MY GOD! you *are* alive !!

2. boltzmann - December 19, 2006

Alright, alright! It’s a novelty. I am alive!

You must have trouble finding jeans, too, Geoff, being tall and slim. Is this true?

3. Adam - January 2, 2007

34″, short leg here. One vote for the short fat bloke.

4. PKM - March 29, 2007

Hmm.. I may be a tad late (well, three months) for this post, but I need jeans in that size (30″ by 32″) as well. The GAP worker jeans are ok, and otherwise I occasionally look in charity shops (good for clothes in unusual sizes, albeit mostly 42″ waist), and being a determined scruff am a great fan of combat trousers- army surplus stores or Next, surprisingly, are your friend.

5. boltzmann - March 29, 2007

Good evening!

I have found some jeans in Topman. This shop seems very slim-friendly: they have lots of jeans in 30 Long and also slim-fitting shirts.

Furthermore, it seems that M&S have smart jackets with chest and arm measurements, meaning that long-armed skinny fellows, such as I, can find a jacket that has long enough sleeves and looks good!

I must start taking in some of my jumpers and shirts…

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