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FURIOUS ANGER!!! April 29, 2007

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Shopping is NOT fun.

Not any more, at least. I’m not the sort of person who goes down the High Street and just buys something. I have to look EVERYWHERE to find the best possible price. I have to scour the Internet for HOURS. Then, and only then, will I buy something from an actual shop, but only if it’s cheaper or if they will match the cheaper price (which most shops will. MOST shops.).

I have just spent 3 weeks trying to find a paperback book for the best possible price. I eventually bought it at full price (£7) yesterday, having not found it in any of the discount bookshops. The book is Join Me by Danny Wallace, and I have bought it because I have recently enjoyed reading his “other” book, Yes Man, and I know that Join Me will be good.

The 3 weeks that I spent finding the damn book have not been enjoyable: they have been 3 weeks of utter torment, in which my mind has wrestled with itself over whether or not to just buy the damn book and stop being such a tight bastard.

Now I am in the middle of another purchasing battle (fought only by myself), this time over something far more expensive: a DVD recorder.

I saw this thing a few weeks ago in Comet in Canterbury, and decided against buying it because it costs so much (£79.99). Yesterday Chelle  and I decided to stop messing about and just buy it. Of course, I knew that, given the time that had passed since I last saw it in Comet, it would no longer be there, especially as this was the best price I had seen it for anywhere, including the Internet. This is a rare occurrence for a shop, it seems.

Anyway, today, I got up and went out to Comet to buy it. They didn’t have it! An assistant told me it had been discontinued but there were 4 left in Margate, and looking at the screen I could tell there were a few more in various other Comets (3 in Maidstone, and a couple in Halley’s as well).

“Sod that!”, I thought, “I’m not going to Margate just to buy this thing, especially when I know they’ve got them for £100 in Curry’s in town, and I KNOW that they will match the price for me!”.

I went to Curry’s, in the rain. Sure enough, they had a few of these DVD recorders left. I asked the assistant, who said that they’d be able to match the price as long as it was the normal price (which it is!), and proceeded to try and fail to use Google to search for Comet in Margate. The assistant (whose gender I shall not reveal) also had trouble spelling “comet”, for the love of God. It’s no surprise, then, that they concluded that the Comet call centre to whom they had got through could not find the DVD recorder on their database, and therefore they couldn’t match the price.

Maybe if they’d got through to Margate in the first place, which I’m SURE it is possible to do, they’d have been able to match the price. They even said that it wasn’t on Comet’s website. Well, no shit! It’s not on Comet’s website, and nor is half the stuff they sell because their website is SHIT,  and in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s not on your sodding website either! So what difference does that make?!

I’m not one to put £20 worth of gullibility into the trouser pocket of a major electronics retailer, so I walked out of the shop, seething.

Tomorrow I will go and spend my £79.99 in a shop where they are decent enough not to ask for an additional £20 for the same product. My latest long-term struggle with the retailers will be over.

And the DVD recorder will be mine.



1. geofftech - April 30, 2007

ooh, i’ve got an old copy of ‘join me’ that i would have just given you. tsk! 🙂

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